Our online farmstore ordering is now closed as we wrapped up our 2023 season in August this year. Thank you for all your support of local family farms!

Our Animals

How our animals are raised is important to us! Whether their purpose is meat or eggs, the happiest and healthiest animals are treated with respect and compassion. We want them to be moved regularly and get as much fresh air, grass, bugs, and other forage as they can! We also supplement with a certified organic, locally milled grain ration, that is GMO-free to complete their diet. As a result, we have no need for antibiotics, vaccines, or other chemicals to keep our animals healthy.

  • American Guinea Hogs

    American Guinea Hogs

    In 2017, we added American Guinea Hogs to the farmstead. Guineas are one of the smaller breeds of pigs, ranging from 150 to 250 pounds at maturity. They have a very docile disposition, and work particularly well on smaller homesteads where they can forage for most of their diet. They are excellent grazers on pasture and will also consume nuts, roots, rodents, and snakes, which makes them easier to raise naturally with very little inputs, such as grain.

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  • Broilers


    Our Pastured Broilers are raised in large, open, movable coops that are rotated regularly to keep the environment clean and healthy. These coops are surrounded by a perimeter of electrified portable fencing for protection from predators. This allows them to free range during the day, enjoying fresh grass, fresh air, and sunshine! 

    At eight weeks of age, our Pastured Broilers are humanely processed in a local USDA inspected facility and range in size from 3 to 4 pounds per bird after processing.

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  • Ducks


    Ducks were our introduction animal on the farm and they are still one of our favorites! They are so easy to raise, are resistant to disease, and while a little bit messy, provide hours of entertainment. Besides that, they are excellent foragers and help keep the pest population down in our garden and other areas of the property. Their main purpose on the farm is to produce delicious, nutrient dense eggs that are perfect to use in any way you would use chicken eggs.

    In 2019, we added Silver Appleyard ducks to the farm to serve as a sustainable flock so we can hatch and grow them out rather than purchasing from other breeders.

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  • Egg Layers

    Egg Layers

    We like to use animals on the farm in a way that utilizes their natural tendencies. By placing our Egg Layers in what we call The Egg Mobile surrounded by portable electrified fencing, we are able to concentrate their manure to fertilize the pasture as well as lessening the need for mechanized mowing as they eat their fill of bugs and fresh grass.

    All those tasty treats combined with days filled with sunshine and fresh air help to produce nutritious and delicious eggs!

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  • Turkeys


    Right in the heat of summer, when most people are sitting by the pool enjoying the Texas heat, we’re preparing for your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners! Every year we look forward to the arrival of these Broad Breasted White Turkeys and the fun they bring as they strut their stuff around the pasture!

    Much like our pastured broilers, these turkeys get to live a good life on our farm. After spending 4 weeks in our heated brooder, they are transitioned to our chemical free pasture where they have access to fresh grass, fresh air and fresh water at all times. Our portable shelters provide protection from the wind, rain, and predators ensuring a stress free environment for them to live and grow for another four months.  

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