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Expectantly Looking Forward

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January 6, 2022

Four years ago, we started this little farm business with no idea where it was going to take us. We were open and willing to try different avenues to sell our products so we could figure out what worked best for the business as well as our family.

We did some of the smaller hometown markets surrounding us in the country and loved all the people we met there -- some of the earliest visitors to our booth are still loyal customers today! -- but we realized quickly that running around to 4 different markets in a week didn't jive with how we wanted to spend time together as a family. We HAD to find somewhere to grow that took less time, but was still a great opportunity to take Hohns Acres where we thought it could go.

When we found the Gateway Farmers Market, we knew it was a great solution...the only drawback was that it was on Sunday. This has always been our family day, we go to church together, we spend extra time together, it's just a special day for us. But, we thought we would give it a try anyway, just to see. It was always meant to be temporary until we found a Saturday market. Now three years later, we find ourselves at a crossroads. With Jeremy still working a full time off-farm job on top of all the farming work and the market, we need to make some hard decisions.

So here we are...it's 2022 (still can't believe it!), and we said to each other "if we don't pull the trigger now and just pick an end date, we never will." So we did. January 30th will be our last Sunday at the Gateway Farmers Market. But the great news is that we decided to add Home Delivery and a Pick Up to that same area on Wednesdays, which works well with our schedule because of other commitments and doesn't interfere with family time. That's a win-win in my book!

So I hope you will think about sticking around and trying out one of these new delivery or pick up options. We are letting go of the Sunday market without really knowing what is ahead, but feel very strongly that when we prioritize what is most important, other things will fall into place.

Expectantly looking forward,


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